• Tokenization with SWARM

  • SRC-20 Smart Contracts

    Delegate important contract functions to trusted parties.

    Implement any type of transfer restriction required for regulatory compliance.

  • Flexibility

    SRC-20 tokens are not locked into a specific standard, but evolve with the times.


    Upcoming standards (such as ERC-1400) will be supported as they are sufficiently adopted, and compatibility with additional DLTs is continually expanded.


    Welcome to the cross-chain, protocol-agnostic security token of the future.


    SRC-20 tokens adhere to rules & restrictions set by token issuers, ensuring that only qualified investors can participate in a token sale and that all secondary trading is regulatory compliant.


    Whitelist the addresses that can hold tokens, individually approve each transfer request or let MAP validate all transactions.


    SWARM provides token issuers with an intuitive interface for setting token compliance.


    KYA is Know Your Asset: a cryptographically-proven single-source-of-truth for token metadata and the asset represented by each token.


    Verified token issuers add and update dozens of parameters and attributes of their project, while independent third parties vouch for these, providing credibility (and clout).


    Investors win by having unfettered access to a full history of every event over the life-cycle of the token.


    Market Access protocol (MAP) is SWARM's investor compliance ecosystem, built and maintained by a network of nodes.


    SRC-20 tokens are natively MAP-compliant, benefitting from the liquidity provided by MAP’s pool of ever-growing qualified investors.


    MAP provides liquidity for digital securities markets by leveraging investor qualifications through inheritance, network effects, and automated workflows among network participants.


    SWARM’s no-fee tokenization, is a profoundly new economic model that advances the network through incentivized collaboration. Token issuers stake SWM to issue SRC-20 security tokens, demonstrating their commitment to the network.

  • The SWARM tokenomics

    SWARM doesn't charge fees.
    Tokenize an asset or run a token sale simply by staking SWM.

    To support the ongoing operations and growth of the SWARM network, token issuers are required to stake an amount of SWM token to trigger the minting and distribution of SRC-20 tokens to investors.

    The staking requirement applies to all uses of the infrastructure - independent of whether a fundraising event has taken place - including pure tokenization use cases (for example, tokenizing an existing investor cap table).

    Staked tokens are 'locked' for the life of the opportunity, remain in the custody of the token issuer, and are unlocked whenever outstanding SRC-20 tokens are redeemed and burned - up to the full staked amount.

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