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  • Team

    Philipp Pieper

    Co-Founder & Council Member

    Meet Philipp

    Podcast: ICOs are Dead

    Keynote: Tokenization

    Interview: Exploring the Block

    Timo Lehes

    Co-Founder & Council Member

    Meet Timo

    Interview: Exploring the Block
    Interview: The Crypto Dog

    Interview: Innovators with Jane King

    Chris Eberle

    Marketing, Business Strategy, & Operations

    Meet Chris

    Medium Post: Meet People Where They Are

    Interview: BTC Miami 2019

    Interview: That Crypto Hustle

  • Vivian Jane

    Manager of Communications, Kombucha, Crochet, & Oxford Commas.

    Sam Stone

    Product & Business Development, some Ops, Positivity

    Aaron Wood

    Product & Business Development, some Ops, Snacks & Hydration


    Product & Mysteries of the Blockchain

  • Advisors

    Chris Kitze

    CEO at Safe Cash, Co-creator of Flashcoin, Chairman of the Alphabit Digital Currency Foundation

    Anthony Di Iorio

    CEO & Founder at JAXX & Decentral, Founder at Ethereum

    Matthew Tan

    Founder & CEO at Etherscan

    Brad Nye

    Founder, Tribalize Summit & Burning Man Organizer

    Mark Oei

    Investor, Former Sequoia Heritage

    Enzo Villani

    Fintech and Blockchain Entrepreneur

    Will McDonough

    iCash Co-Founder and CEO

    Michael Terpin

    CEO & Founder of Transform Group

    Isabelle Kitze

    Founder, Cryptomania

    Hideto Tomabechi

    CEO at Cognitive Research Laboratories

    Zachary Perryman

    International Tax Attorney

    Peg Samuel
    Social Diva, Digital Pioneer, Social Media & PR Expert, Author

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