• Transfer Rules

    SRC-20 tokens adhere to rules and restrictions - set by token issuers - that ensure that only qualified investors can participate in a token sale and that all secondary trading is regulatory compliant. SWARM provides token issuers with an intuitive interface for setting token compliance based on time, jurisdiction, cap table restrictions, and other parameters that are validated by MAP in the course of every transaction.


    SWARM’s no-fee tokenization model goes even further by rewarding token issuers for using the infrastructure. Token issuers stake SWM to issue SRC20 security tokens to investors, while earning SWM against their stake, for the life of their investment. Staking demonstrates a token issuer’s commitment to the network and allows them to benefit from its pool of qualified investors.


    SRC-20 tokens are not locked into a specific standard, but evolve with the times. Upcoming standards that are currently in development (eg, ERC-1400) will be supported when their framework is sufficiently adopted, including allowing for expansion into other chains. Welcome to the cross-chain protocol-agnostic security token of the future.

    Know Your Asset

    Hello transparency, FUD begone! KYA is a cryptographically-proven single-source-of-truth for token metadata and the assets they represent. Verified token issuers continuously add and update dozens of parameters and attributes about their project, while independent third parties vouch for these, adding their credibility and clout. Investors win by having unfettered access to a full history of every event in the token’s life.

    MAP Compatible

    Market Access protocol (MAP) is SWARMs investor compliance ecosystem, built and maintained by a network of nodes. SRC-20 tokens are natively MAP-compliant, benefiting from the liquidity provided by MAP’s pool of ever-growing qualified investors. MAP provides liquidity for digital securities markets by leveraging investor qualifications through inheritance, network effects and automating workflows amongst network participants.

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