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    Investor Pass provides powerful, unique features for the next generation of investors.

    Portable and consolidated

    In its simplest form, you can think of Investor Pass as an account that stores and manages your personal data, and is used to qualify you to participate in digital asset token sales.

    Secure and private

    Investor Pass is owned by you, and can only be accessed by you. If anyone requires access to your personal data, they must first obtain your authorization. Simple as that.

    Reusable and extendable

    Permit previously obtained certifications to be shared with any service and say goodbye to multiple KYC and AML forms. Investor Pass grows with you, extending your qualifications across multiple blockchains into the future.

  • How it Works

    It's easy to obtain and use your digital passport.

    Passport to Opportunity

    Sign up for your Investor Pass now in order to streamline your onboarding and investment experience with STOs. When onboarding to certain investment opportunities, your Investor Pass is automatically generated for your use now and in the future.

    One Profile to Rule them All

    No more filling endless investor questionnaires. Input and securely store your details. Access them easily when you’re ready to pounce on an opportunity. Your personal information is stored in a secure vault that only you have the ability to unlock.

    Portable Qualifications

    Obtain your investor qualifications and participate in Security Token Offerings without the hassle. Investor Pass is your proof that your personal data has been verified.

    Fast Track

    Reuse your qualifications as needed with any token issuer who requests it. The contents of your vault - your personal data - can only be shared with your explicit permission.

    Expanded Access

    With the security, transparency, and efficiency of blockchain technology, your Investor Pass empowers you to take advantage of the benefits of investing in digitized assets with reduced friction. As a passport grants entrance to global travel destinations, Investor Pass holders enjoy frictionless access to participation in STOs from all over the world.

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