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    Unlock access to new digital investment opportunities

  • One Account. Many Opportunities.

    Investor Pass provides powerful, unique features for the next generation of investors.

    Portable and Consolidated

    In its simplest form, you can think of Investor Pass as an account that stores and manages your personal data, and is used to qualify you to participate in digital asset token sales.

    Secure and private

    Investor Pass is owned by you, and can only be accessed by you. If anyone requires access to your personal data, they must first obtain your authorization. Simple as that.

    Reusable and extendable

    Permit previously obtained certifications to be shared with any service and say goodbye to multiple KYC and AML forms. Investor Pass grows with you, extending your qualifications across multiple blockchains into the future.

  • How it Works

    It's easy to obtain and use your digital passport.

    Get Started

    Onboard while participating in an investment offering. Follow the prompts to begin creating your Investor Pass account.

    Sign Up

    Create your login credentials as you would for a new account on any other application.

    Generate your MAPID by following the steps to create your account.

    As always, take care to record and save your seed phrase in a secure place.


    Get verified to invest by submitting KYC/AML & other data as required by the investment opportunity of your choice. Your personal information is stored in a secure vault that only you have the ability to unlock. Its contents can only be shared with your explicit permission.


    Verification certificates can be shared with any trading wallets you own. Token issuers, exchanges, or any other authority executing a token transfer can check that your wallets carry the appropriate certifications.


    You can enhance your certifications as needed or required by the investment opportunities in which you choose to participate.

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