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SWARM’s next generation zero-fee digital securities issuance platform live now.

First funds to use new compliant fundraising and issuance tools now open for investing.

BERLIN -- June 3, 2019 -- SWARM (, a non-profit providing open infrastructure for digital securities, announced today the launch of its next generation technology which enables the issuance of digital securities across major blockchains.

"Our experience in the 18 months since launching and operating our blockchain for digital securities indicated that issuers needed a higher degree of flexibility and customization than what the market had to offer. At the same time, users were facing usability issues combined with high fees, presenting barriers for issuers and users to enter a very nascent market. As a result we were able to build an infrastructure that offers state of the art issuance, onboarding, and custody - and made it entirely free. We believe this will contribute to bringing a swath of opportunities to the market, and start to deliver on the long promised potential of STOs. Today we launch the latest technological incarnation of our mission to make investment markets more trustworthy and accessible to all,” said SWARM Co-Founder Philipp Pieper.

SWARM’s next generation issuance platform, alongside its Market Access Protocol, allows issuers to compliantly bring their digital securities to the blockchain of their choice, to accept investment in broad range of fiat- and crypto- currencies, and to facilitate the compliant trading and transfers of these digital assets amongst market participants.

Resolute.Fund, a US-based real estate fund and INDX, a UK-based passive income fund, are the first to have launched on this new platform and are open for investment now.

"We intend this to be the first of a number of opportunities we will offer to global investors. Without SWARM, however, we would not have been able to bring REZ to the STO market. SWARM’s no fee model and process makes issuing a digital security feasible and efficient. First time funds, and even established fund managers like us, are now able to take advantage of the benefits of tokenization and offer their unique investments to a much wider network of investors. We are proud to be a launch partner for this groundbreaking open technology.” said Andy Strott, Founder and CEO of Resolute.Fund.

"Like us, SWARM aims to unlock the enormous untapped potential in the realm of cryptocurrency investing. While we mitigate the volatility of crypto with our Masternode index fund and open this lucrative asset class to all investors, SWARM paves the way for more people to take part in the market by eliminating cost-prohibitive upfront fees and simplifying and streamlining compliance. Together we’re removing the barriers for more people to enjoy crypto passive income.” - Jonathan DeCartaret, CEO of INDX Capital.

SWARM’s new issuance platform is live now, with openly accessible self-serve tools coming shortly. The legacy SWARM platform and blockchain will be sunset after ample time with safe migration procedures for user credentials and funds.


SWARM is a non-profit providing open infrastructure for the compliant issuance and trading of digital securities. Asset owners and fund managers can issue security tokens on the blockchain of their choice using SWARM’s technology, facilitating fractional ownership of formerly exclusive asset classes like real estate funds and private equity. Token issuers pay no fees, and participate in the community by staking SWM tokens for the life of their security token, regardless of their choice of blockchain. SWARM's issuance and fundraising modules, and the growing network of providers building on Market Access Protocol, pave the way for issuers and investors to benefit from this technology without friction.

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