• Swarm Masternodes

    Wallet Activation Instructions

    The alpha release of Swarm Masternodes is now live. In this release, you will be able to signal your intention to run a Masternode and start earning block rewards, however you will not yet be processing real transactions. Following the alpha release, we will be activating a Testnet, followed by a full Mainnet activation.

    What you need to know to participate

    1) Set up your staking wallet by depositing at least 50,000 SWM to an ERC20 wallet.

    2) Signal your intent to run a Masternode by sending 1 gwei (0.000000001 ETH) from your staking wallet to the following address:
    (Make sure to send ETH. Do not send SWM)



    To ensure your transaction is processed by the ethereum network, we recommend::
    Suggested Gas Limit: 50,000
    Suggested Gas Price: Please always refer to https://ethgasstation.info for the current safe price.

    SWM Balance requirements for reward eligibility:

    You start accruing rewards only after maintaining a 50,000 SWM balance in your wallet for 15 days (we refer to this as a warmup period). You then continue accruing rewards as long as you maintain a 50,000 SWM balance. If the balance of your wallet ever drops below 50,000 SWM, you stop collecting rewards and have to start this process all over again.

    Verify Wallet Activation

    You can verify that your wallet has been activated by visiting the activation address's page on Etherscan.io

    Look for your wallet in the "From" column. If it exists, your wallet has been activated.


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