• Open Infrastructure for Digital Securities

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  • Digital Securities

    Swarm is opening up access to the new digital economy.


    Access Opportunities

    Swarm opens access to broader investment opportunities for more people. Explore and start browsing opportunities for shared ownership of digital assets.



    Share Digital Value

    Swarm empowers you to bring your own digitized investment offerings to the community. We build tools to make it easy to create and unlock value across a broad array of assets and opportunities with built-in compliance.

  • Infrastructure

    We believe infrastructure should be open and designed to reward all actors in the ecosystem.

    Come build with us.


    Decentralized Network

    Owned and operated by the global community, Swarm Masternodes ensure the path for secure, trusted network infrastructure. Masternodes make Swarm, and MAP, work. Masternode owners earn rewards for making it all happen.





    Market Access Protocol

    Foundation for Access

    Market Access Protocol (MAP) is an interoperability-focused security token protocol designed to solve existing inefficiencies and difficulties encountered by token issuers, investors, exchanges, and qualification providers while preserving privacy. MAP is designed to facilitate this on multiple blockchains, and for all tokens - not just those issued on Swarm.



    Connector for Compliance

    The MAP API is intended to be used by any participant in the new digital securities economy. Alongside ensuring compliant transactions, Exchanges, Qualification Providers, STO Advisors, and other industry actors can interface with MAP to discover and verify information for regulatory compliance purposes.



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