Swarm converts intelligent financial opportunities from exclusive to inclusive.

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Easily deploy capital into real assets using the power of blockchain.

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The brightest investors are already using big data and artifical intelligence to deliver endless opportunities via the Swarm Magic Investment Automation platform.

Meet The Swarm Token

All gross revenue from the Swarm platform goes to Swarm token holders through our groundbreaking liquid democracy mechanism.


The Swarm Token Team

Joel Dietz

Crypto Veteran

Philipp Pieper

Portfolio Manager

Timo Lehes


Jelle Herold

Godfather of Smart Contracts

Anton Livaja

Full Stack Developer

Sebastian Romero

Crypto UI/UX Expert

“Jazzwall” Sharad Jaiswal

Full Stack Dev & PM


Bogdan Fiedur

Crypto Hacker

Houman Shadab

Professor at New York Law School, Cofounder Clause.io

Mark Oei

Investor, former Sequoia Heritage

Robert Rosenblum

Partner at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

Gustav Simonsson

Core Ethereum Dev & DAO Curator

John Edge

Connection Science Fellow at MIT

David Kammeyer

Software Developer and Platform Manager

Noah Thorp

Founder, CEO at CoMakery

Adam Apollo

Founder, Guardian Alliance & trust.exchange

Brad Nye

Founder, Tribalize Summit & Burning Man organizer

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